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Keith Tarrier

This is Keith Tarrier dot com

I am a multi-talented graphic artist and photographer. Born and raised in Australia. I currently live in Tokyo, Japan, and spend a few months of the year back on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, in Queensland,  Australia.

The world truly is a wonderplace and I hope you
take the time to enjoy what you have, and what is around you.

Hi, and welcome to the show.

I am a multi-talented graphic artist and photographer. Born and raised in Australia I currently live in Tokyo, Japan, and a few months of the year in Australia.

Graphic art and photography started out as hobbies of mine as a child. I enjoyed it, and I had many ideas I wanted to express via photos, artwork or video. As time progessed I kept getting feedback on my work, people liked it, some loved it and people wanted to even buy it!

Returning to Univeristy in 1998, for a break from work and career change, I started out studying business, ended up with a lot of graphic art and design subjects in my Double Degree with 2 minors.

I was very humbled when a member of one of my favorite bands, KISS, want to use my artwork on his CD cover. I produced the album artwork for Bruce Kulick's 2nd solo album 'Transformer'.

Since then I have worked as a graphic artist & photographer, published original children’s book and do transcribing for TV shows.

I have clients from literally all over the world. A few of the clients I have worked for are: KISS,  (The Band), WWE, US Navy, US Army, Foriegner (Band), Sebastian Bach, Burrn Magazine, Sunshine Coast Daily, NY Times best selling Authors, Big Businesses, Small Business and independent people just like me... and so many more.

Below you will find links to some of my main websites and view examples of my work. 

I hope  you enjoy the ride

Vist some of my design and photography websites: 

Sunshine Coast Stock Photography

My wonderful stock photos from my home town, the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia. Photos availablke for a range of prices and needs. Nature, wildifle, birds, marine,places, attractions…  and more! 

Click on the image above to visits and browse the beautiful photos. 

Tarrier Design

Over 18 years of professional design expereince. I have worked for clients big and small, from all over the world. 

Click the image above to visit my design website. I am actually so busy working on grpahci designs that I don’t have a great deal of time to update it. The webstie will however give you an idea of some of the work I do. 

Keith Tarrier Photography

I have been shooting digital photos since 2003. This is my personal collceciton of photos from all over the world. 

Australia, Japan, Guam, Saipan, Rome, England, USA, Bali and more. 

A huge range of Australian bird photos and historic Japanese places. 

Original & Pre-made Book Covers

Are you self-publishing your book? Are you a publisher looking for a good cover at a good price?

Take a look at my pre-made book covers! A huge range to choose from. Romance, military, scary, war, action, thriller, illustrations, nature and so on. Custom covers made on request. 

My daughter (then aged 7) and I wrote and illustrated some childrens books.

My daughter and I started off drawing illustrations together and this evovled into a few books. We had a great time making these books and we hope you enjoy them.

What Caterpillars Do - Sue will tell you, what caterpillars do! A loverly ryhming books about the life of caterpillars with glorisou full page color illustrations. Ages 3-10. 

Monsters in the Graveyard (Counting numbers 1-10) - Join these cute and wacky monsters as they help you count from 1 - 10 and back again! Ages 3 - 6

Aliens on the Moon (Counting numbers 1-10) - A group of colorful and strange aliens will help you count from 1 - 10 and back again! Ages 3 - 6

Example gallery of my design, art and photography

Just a sample of what I do...